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What We Do

The Singrauli Live tries to reach the core of common people in every way. Here, we consider the CIVIC Reporting as the main root in the 21st century of Media and its world. Our civic reporting is not just limited to the surface areas, we work through the ground reporting.

We as an Individual and also as an institution, know the reputation of our nation and our limitations towards it. Thus, before publishing any content or any news we check for its authentication.

Our Mission

We believe in fearless media and dissemination of reports, therefore we only publish what we find ethically right and without any outsider’s influence or pressure.

The goal of a journalist is to provide the information without being under any pressure or without being biased. The first priority is to always broadcast the truth in its most realistic form.
The main goal of a journalist is to watch the watchers and expose wrongdoing and hypocrisy

Mrs.Namrata Singh(CEO)

We are delivering Truth with digital News for you

Our Expert Team

Mr.Ganesh Singh “Vishal”

Group Editor

Mr.Dinesh Kumar

News Editor

Mr.Jayanto Barman